Other Machines

The Atrium is located between the American Orchestrion Room and the Living Room. Among the interesting antiques found here is the original Howard #3 clock mechanism that once turned the hands on the tower of Chicago's famous Wrigley Building. A Monopol Musical Gnome automaton also inhabits this room.

The Living Room is the two-story room with balcony and stone fireplace, between the atrium and the original entry foyer. A Welte Philharmonic Organ and two 1880s Eastlake Victorian chandeliers are located here. The door to the right of the fireplace leads into a sitting room, where a spiral staircase leads up to the balcony.

The original house entry foyer is the family entrance to the main living areas of the home. Items here include early coin-operated cylinder phonographs and a 3-disc Symphonion Eroica clock. To the rear at a slightly lower level is the Family Room, where an art case Schulz Welte Licensee reproducing piano is displayed.

The Library, across the house entry foyer from the living room was originally the dining room. Today it contains a reference library, several rare phonographs and art glass lamps.

In the Dining Room, a Polyphon Mikado, a Symphonion (upright disc music boxes) and a Hupfeld Phonoliszt-Violina provide elegant music.

The art glass window wall between the kitchen and Sun Room was adapted from an original Tiffany design in a New York mansion by Bull Run Glass Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio. The hanging lamp in the Sun Room is an original 19-shade Quezal made in Brooklyn, New York, c. 1925. The figure of an organ grinder in the Sun Room is a Polyphon Savoyard Musical Automaton, which cranks the organ as a disc music box plays.

From the main entry foyer, the tower spiral staircase leads down to the Victorian Bar Room next to the lower level of the Music Room. A recreation of a turn-of-the-century casino, this room features a 24 foot long back bar, rare slot machines, coin pianos and orchestrions by Mills, Coinola, Seeburg, Link and Wurlitzer, and several antique penny arcade machines.

At the opposite end of the Bar Room from the Music Room is an entryway into the first Arcade Room, where a group of cabinet model Seeburg orchestrions includes various styles of art glass and instrumentation. A rare Wurlitzer Mandolin Quartette sits just around the corner. At the other end of the room, a collection of over 30 cast iron Mutoscopes (hand-cranked 'movie' viewers), fortune-telling machines, strength testers and slot machines replicate an old-fashioned penny arcade.

The center staircase in the first Arcade Room leads up to the American Orchestrion Room. The three stairs opposite the center staircase lead up to several more rooms on the lower level, where additional arcade machines are displayed. The last room in this group is the Ice Cream Parlor, which was originally the first display room of the Sanfilippo collection. Together with antique booths and fixtures, other antiques displayed here include a Holcomb & Hoke Butterkist popcorn machine that automatically butters each individual kernel, and various peanut and coffee roasters.

To exit the Ice Cream Parlor area, return through the intermediate rooms and down three stairs to the right into the main Arcade Room. The center staircase leads up into the American Orchestrion Room, or continuing on the lower level to the left leads through the Bar Room to the tower spiral stairs, the Music Room staircase and the elevator.

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