The Sanfilippo Foundation Collection

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Music Room

Inspired in the 1950s by the collection of nickelodeon pianos at Angelo Valente's "House of Nickelodeons", (also known as the "Mil-Arm Inn", at the intersection of Milwaukee and Armitage in Chicago), the Sanfilippo music machine collection was started in 1978 with a small Nelson-Wiggen coin piano, a Bruder band organ, and a Welte Concert Orchestrion....more about the Music Room

Theatre Pipe Organ

The nucleus of the theatre organ, which was previously installed in the old music room (Wurlitzer opus #1571, built in 1927 for the Riviera Theatre in Omaha) has been expanded to 80 ranks of pipes. The overall result is the most versatile orchestral theatre pipe organ ever built...more about the Theatre Pipe Organ

Eden Palais Carousel

The carousel building, completed in 1997, is the home of the most complete example of a European salon carousel in existence - the 'Eden Palais' (or Eden Palace), built in 1890. The salon carousel was more than just an amusement ride...more about the Eden Palais Carousel

The American Orchestrion Room

The American Orchestrion Room, featuring a colorful display of some of the most beautiful art glass-front orchestrions ever made, including a Coinola SO, a Peerless Wisteria, a Peerless Arcadian with fancy carvings and hanging lamps, a Peerless Elite with flute pipes...more about the American Music Room

Steam Engine Collection

An exhibit of restored engines including a circa 1875 Hayward Tyler & Co. water-cooled hot air engine, a circa 1880 marine engine, an 1856 Wm. Lebby steam engine with a "tower governor", (one of fewer than six known to exist), a circa 1900 "donkey engine"...more about the Steam Engine Collection

Steam Locomotive

An original 1881 Grant Locomotive and Tender, used in Henry Ford's River Rouge complex in Dearborn, Michigan and later displayed in the Ford Museum at Greenfield Village. Ford converted this from narrow gauge to standard gauge for use in the factory...more about the Steam Locomotive

Other Machines in the Collection

Among the interesting antiques found here is the original Howard #3 clock mechanism that once turned the hands on the tower of Chicago's famous Wrigley Building...more about the Other Machines

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