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Sanfilippo Foundation Music Room

July 20, August 17 and September 21 - Sanfilippo Summer Concert Series

Each of our four Summer Concerts comes with up to 90 minutes of touring the Collection in the Residence, followed by a 90 minute concert, followed by a visit to the Carousel Pavilion for a ride on the Eden Palais Carousel. And we've reduced the price for 2019!

For more details and to purchase tickets, visit the Summer Concerts page.

Midwest Mozart Festival

July 28 - Midwest Mozart Festival at Sanfilippo

This veteran, 17 - piece string orchestra in our acoustically perfect venue is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the family. Conductor Brian Groner leads the orchestra in a program titled "A Gathering of Muses" that includes Mozart, Mendelssohn, Vivaldi, and a more contemporary composer, Libby Larson. Join us for touring the Sanfilippo Collection (doors open at 1:30 pm), followed by the concert at 3 pm, winding up with a visit to the Carousel Pavilion for a ride on the Eden Palais Carousel and dance, band, and fairground organ demonstrations. This is a partnership with the Midwest Mozart Festival and the Sanfilippo Foundation. Click Here For tickets to the July 28 Mozart Festival at Sanfilippo.

Two additional concerts will be held at the Woodstock Opera House in Woodstock, Illinois, the next two Sundays (Aug. 4 & Aug 11). Tickets for the August concerts can be purchased through the Woodstock Opera House on the Midwest Mozart Festival website. Thank you for supporting classical music in the suburbs.


August 3 - The Harp Twins in Concert

Camille and Kennerly Kitt, known Worldwide as The Harp Twins, come to the Sanfilippo Estate for an exciting concert featuring contemporary rock, metal, and other favorites, as well as original songs on classical and acoustic harps. A dynamic performance is in store along with a fun presentation of growing up identical. The Harp Twins have filmed 7 videos at the Sanfilippo Estate which can be viewed here.

Doors open at 6 pm for up to 90-minutes of touring the Collection, followed at 7:30 pm by a 90-minute performance in the theater. After the concert, guests can visit the Carousel Pavilion where the Harp Twins will offer a Meet & Greet. CDs and other Harp Twins items will be available. Special Concert Pricing on this event is $35.00 per person. We are also asking, if so inclined, that guests bring a non-perishable item for our local Cuba Township Food Pantry. (Items can be dropped off upon arrival).

We're sorry, but this concert is SOLD OUT

Sanfilippo Perfume Gallery

August 7 or August 15 - 9:30 am thru 2:30 pm - Symphony of Sounds & Scents Tour (NEW OFFERING)

Brought to you by the Sanfilippo Foundation & Perfume Passage Foundation, this new Guided Tour includes both the Sanfilippo house Collection of Automatic Music Instruments, and the Perfume Passage Foundation's four fragrance Galleries: Paris Passageway Gallery, 1882 Drug Store Gallery, Art Deco Gallery, and The Vault Gallery.

The Perfume Passage Foundation is a private, not for profit foundation consisting of thousands of artifacts and historical documentation related to fragrance. Dating as far back as 1500 BC, these artifacts not only have fascinating histories of their own, but are a part of our personal history as well. The Perfume Passage collection highlights the processes that go into the creation of perfume bottles and scents--noting the style of a particular artist, the influence of cultural trends, and the changes in technical methods and capabilities. The Mission of the Perfume Passage is to preserve the history, beauty and artistry of perfume bottles, compacts, ephemera and related vanity items. Through education, awareness and access to the collection and library the Foundation's goal is to inspired art lovers, collectors, archivists and curators to keep this history alive.

This new, Symphony of Sounds & Scents Guided Tour offering will be smaller, more intimate groups for a deeply personal experience. You'll get to spend 2 hours with the Sanfilippo Foundation Director exploring the automatic music instruments in the Sanfilippo Residence, and 2 hours with the Perfume Passage Foundation Director in the Fragrance Galleries, plus lunch in the Victorian Bar. We'll also include a demonstration of the Mighty Wurlitzer Theater Organ.

Cost is $120 per guest, includes lunch (Turkey Wrap or Vegetarian/Gluten Free option), with side salads, dessert, water.

PLEASE NOTE - When you receive your ticket from us (separate from the PayPal receipt), please reply ASAP with your choice of meal(s).

Wednesday, August 7:
Thursday, August 15:


August 13 - 1:30 pm - Docent-Guided Tour

We get many requests for individual tickets for one of our 3-hour Docent-Guided Tours of the Collection. This tour includes 2 hours in the Sanfilippo Residence and one hour in the Carousel Pavilion with the Foundation Director as your tour guide.

Cost is $25 per guest. Limited tickets available; first come, first served. Tickets only available through The Sanfilippo Foundation Website. Come hear the story of the family and Collection, demonstrations of a variety of music machines, a mini-concert on the Mighty Wurlitzer and a the history of the items in the Carousel Pavilion. There's a reason many folks have taken this tour more than a few times! It's educational and highly entertaining.

This tour is SOLD OUT

Upcoming Foundation Events - Save the Dates

October 5 - Carousel of Possible Dream - 5:00 pm
October 26 - Sanfilippo Halloween Silent Film Gala - 5:00 pm
December 6, 7, & 8 - Sanfilippo Christmas Concerts

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Visiting the Sanfilippo Estate

The Sanfilippo Estate is a private residence not open to the general public except through pre-arranged charity events and pre-arranged group tours of 40 or more guests, and a limited number of corporate events. Interested groups may contact the Foundation Director by email: director@sanfilippofoundation.org for more information. We do not offer the Estate for weddings, wedding related activities, nor children's parties.

Special Events (concerts, gala fundraisers) can be arranged for Charity Organizations and Corporate Groups. Email the Sanfilippo Foundation Director: director@sanfilippofoundation.org. Please include a contact phone number.

Tour Groups: 3-Hour, Docent-Guided Tours of the Sanfilippo Collection are available for groups of 40 or more. Send an email to: info@sanfilippofoundation.org. Please include the name of your group and a contact phone number.

Individuals looking to visit the Estate are encouraged to find a group (such as your local libraries, park districts, senior centers, etc.) who can put together the required minimum for one of our 3-hour Docent-Guided Tours and then have the organization contact the Foundation Director; or you can visit one of the websites of the charities holding events at the Estate (links provided) and obtain tickets to an event listed; or you can attend a Sanfilippo Foundation event -- all are updated regularly on this website. We also encourage individuals to sign up for our E-Newsletter. On occasion, we offer individual tickets to a guided tour to our E-Newsletter subscribers. Our preference for initial contact is by email.

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